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A unique selection of Christmas Memory Keepsake Boxes and Chests.
 Can be personalised with the name & year for the child's First Christmas, or Merry Christmas.

Silver Glitter Snowflakes Christmas Keepsake
Boxes & Chests

These boxes & chests, with their extra storage items, are perfect to protect all those treasured memories.

Chests & Gift Wrapped Chests

Boxes & Gift Wrapped Boxes



Extra Small Storage Boxes Included

Standard Boxes/Chests 
 ●  50x50mm Square Box & Lid
 ●  80x50mm Chest Box
 ●  20x15cm Glossy Bag
 ●  Tissue Papers for Delicates 
 XL & Super Size also include
 ●  100x100mm Box & Lid

Each keepsake box or chest lid is covered with a handmade cotton paper with silver glitter snowflakes.

Red Berries

Pearl Berries


Size 30 x 20 x 10cm

Standard Box

Rectangular Boxes


Size 38 x 26 x 11cm

Extra Large Box


Size 46 x 40 x 23cm

Super Size Box

All our Keepsake Boxes & Chests are made from premium quality linen textured, strong, rigid card.
Boxes are ivory and chests are natural white.


Matching Greetings Card
- example shown below 


Size 33 x 18 x 17cm

Standard Chest

Chest Boxes


 Size 38 x 23 x 25cm

X Large Chest


Gift Wrapping - example shown below
Include text for small gift card