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A unique selection of simple linen textured Christmas Memory Keepsake Boxes and Chests.
 Can be personalised with the name & year for the child's First Christmas, or Merry Christmas.

Linen Textured Christmas Keepsake Boxes
& Inkless Footprint Kit

Extra Small Storage Boxes Included

Standard Boxes/Chests 
 ●  50x50mm Square Box & Lid
 ●  80x50mm Chest Box
 ●  20x15cm Glossy Bag
 ●  Tissue Papers for Delicates 
 XL & Super Size also include
 ●  100x100mm Box & Lid


Size 30 x 20 x 10cm

Size 38 x 26 x 11cm

Size 46 x 40 x 23cm

Standard Box + Inkless Print Kit

Standard Box

Extra Large Box

Super Size Box

Rectangular Boxes


Size 33 x 18 x 17cm

 Size 38 x 23 x 25cm

Extra Large Chest +Inkless Print Kit

Standard Chest + Inkless Print Kit 

Standard Chest

X Large Chest

Chest Boxes


Gift Wrapping - shown below
Include text for small gift card

Children grow so quickly & soon it is hard to remember how tiny they were.
With our Inkless Hand and Footprint Kit you can always remember those precious times when they were so small.
A perfect print and no mess.

Why not include an
Inkless Footprint Kit

All our Keepsake Boxes & Chests are made from premium quality linen textured rigid card.
Boxes are ivory and chests are natural white.

My First Christmas

Embroidered Rudolf

Dancing Rudolf

Father Christmas

Christmas Elf

Christmas Bear


Super Size Box + Inkless Print Kit

Extra Large Box + Inkless Print Kit

Chests & Gift Wrapped Chests

Boxes & Gift Wrapped Boxes



Matching Christmas Greetings Card - shown below