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Gift vouchers to purchase items :

Rectangular Standard Keepsake Box                                - £19.49 + £4.50 P&P

Rectangular Extra Large Keepsake Box                            - £25.49 + £5.50 P&P

If you are looking for a gift for a friend, relative or colleague but which design they would like most you can use our  Gift Voucher Service.

Simply choose the keepsake that you would like to give and add it to the basket. We will send out your chosen gift voucher with envelope to you. Your friend can then choose their favourite design from our website and either call or email us, giving the gift voucher code and their choice of design. We will then  complete their keepsake and send it out, within our normal timescales, by first class post. 

Rectangular Standard Keepsake Box & Footprint Kit          - £22.99 + £4.50 P&P

Rectangular Extra Large Keepsake Box & Footprint Kit      - £28.99 + £5.50 P&P

Milestone Designs Gift Voucher Service

Rectangular Super Size Keepsake Box                            - £34.99 + £5.50 P&P

Rectangular Super Size Keepsake Box & Footprint Kit      - £37.49 + £5.50 P&P

Rectangular Boxes

Chest Standard Size Keepsake Box                                 - £23.49 + £4.50 P&P

Chest Standard Keepsake Box & Footprint Kit                   - £26.99 + £5.50 P&P

Chest Extra Large Keepsake Box                                     - £29.49 + £5.50 P&P

Chest Extra Large Keepsake Box & Footprint Kit               - £32.99 + £5.50 P&P

Chest Boxes