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New Baby Inkless Footprint & Handprint Kit

Children grow up so quickly and very soon it is impossible to remember how tiny they were.
With our Inkless Footprint & Handprint Kit you will always have a reminder of those precious times when they were so small.

The Inkless system has been developed in America and is used in hospitals for identification of babies so is completely safe, easy to use and best of all there is no mess.

  •    simply swab the hand or foot with the inkless wipe provided 
  •    press onto the special paper
  •    lift and watch the image magically appear in seconds

'Bears'  Inkless Kit - can be included with your keepsake box

In the Kit you will receive:-

1 Inkless Wipe
An Instruction Sheet
2 sheets sensitised paper printed with 'Bears' 140mm x 200mm
1 blank practice sensitised sheet 140mm x 200mm
2 x Pink & 2 x Blue A5 Back Mounting Cards

Whether for you or as a gift this is the perfect way to capture that special new life.

It can even fit in Mummy's bag ready for the big day.

Unlike paint the inkless image is clear and detailed - a perfect impression.