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Pale & Dark Blue

New Baby, Boys & Girls
'Baby's Firsts' Sticker Calendar
 with Inkless Footprint Kit

Each calendar is handcrafted here in the UK and is personalised with baby's name, weight & date of birth. An inkless  footprint kit is included. 

Dark & Pale Pink

 ●  Fully Personalised 
 ●  Boys Girls & Neutral
 ●  Inc. Inkless Footprint Kit
 ●  Family Tree Page
 ●  63 'Firsts' Stickers
 ●  Record details each month

Baby's First Year Calendars 

Children grow up so quickly and very soon it is impossible to remember how tiny they were. With our unique Baby's Firsts Calendar you can record for ever the first time they achieved each step in their development. With the Inkless Footprint Kit you will always have a reminder of those precious times when they were so small.

Cream 'Baby's Firsts' Calendar

Girls 'Baby's Firsts' Calendar

Boys 'Baby's Firsts' Calendar

Boys Calendars

Girls Calendars




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